NOx Датчик оксидов азота

Directly replaceable with OE Sensors

Tested at Dinex Test Center

Tested and accredited by third party

A cost effective balance between

emission control and Urea consumption

Easy to install

1 Year Warranty

For more information check out our dedicated NOx webpage


Динекс номер29035
ОЕ №5801363754, CONTIREF.5WK96614I
Евро норма:Euro 5
Tariff number9027109000
Выхлопная системаEuro 5
Вес нетто [кг]0.40
Высота [мм]0.00
Ширина [мм]0.00
Длина [мм]0.00
Weight [LBS]0.88
Высота [дюйм]0.00
Ширина [дюйм]0.00
Длина [дюйм]0.00